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Robert Wuest

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Mail Checks Payable to Robert Wuest


Keep Dalton Rural

6848 N. Government Way Ste. 114

PMB #10

Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

Robert Wuest purchased land in Dalton Gardens in 1973.  He lived on Mt.Carrol Street for 37 years where he and his wife Linda raised their family. Now living further down the street he enjoys watching his grandchildren being raised in Dalton. Robert rides horses to which he has put up his own hay and raised beef for the family use. Along with his father, Otis, he raised pheasants and quail to replenish them into Dalton’s natural habitat. Robert has been with Dalton Water Association also Dalton Irrigation District for 30 plus years which  has given him opportunity to listen to the citizens of Dalton Gardens. Robert wants to keep Dalton Gardens rural lifestyle for the people.

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